Do you want a pair of jeans that can direct you or a hair brush that can tell you if your hair is damaged? This is some of the products featured at this year’s CES show.


Strangest Inventions at CES show

There are the strangest inventions on display at this year’s CES in Las Vegas. Alongside them there is a technology that can shape the future for the better.

So the Show in Las Vegas known as the Consumer Electronics show this year is dominated by Virtual Reality and Augmented reality. Interestingly self-drive cars are also in trend heavily.


Motor Manufacturers and Tech Giants

Motor manufacturers are merging with tech giants to create some truly monumental vehicles. We see combinations of Ford, Hyundai, Amazon and Google. They have possibilities of controlling your smart home from your car and your car from your smart home.

Everything is coming together as a central control for home office and travel.


Voice Controlled Hubs

Voice controlled hubs controlling your home and order products have become the internet of things. These products will evolve with users. AI is appearing in cars as well as homes.



Smart, connected appliances are everywhere. So one called FridgeCam even alerts owners to food about to pass its expiry date.

Around 200,000 are expected at the show this week, many of them are buyers for major retailers who will ultimately sell us these gadgets.