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Sell PS5 today using our quick easy quote system and get Your cash in 48hrs. We are rated as excellent and are proud of our no quibble cash for tech system. We offer a Hassle free collection service with our secure courier service. ConsoleTradeIn will help you to sell your PS5. Check out information about other PS versions on Sell PS4 and Sell PS4 PRO pages.

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PlayStation 5 & ConsoleTradeIn

ConsoleTradeIn specialises in gaming devices and PS5. Here you can find out detailed information about the PlayStation 5.

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More about PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5 is a decent upgrade in the lineup compared to preceding generations. Check out our quick summary on this particular model.

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PS5 History and Specs

The PS5 was released on 19th November 2020 in the UK. The PS5 is a considerable upgrade on the PS4 with new architecture and way better resolution support. Storage is considerably quicker with the new SSD drive. The PS5 has a very powerful CPU clocking 3.5Ghz with 8 cores compared to 1.6Ghz on the PS4. The GPU works at 10.3 TFlops vs 1.83 on the PS4. It has the best part of a terabyte in SSD storage at 825GB SSD compared to various old technology standard hard drives in the PS4. If you have a PC with an SSD drive you will know the considerable speed increases generated by having solid state storage. Ram is a standard of 16gb an increase of 8GB on the old model so again a great increase in spec. Graphics is capable of generating up to 8k in video resolution. From beginning Sony was concentrated on the 4k game range for the foreseeable future, but with time 8k technology is catching up.

If you want to sell your PS5 console — sell it to ConsoleTradeIn. We look forward to giving you a great price!


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Get cash for your PlayStation 5 fast. Once your console arrives, we will test it and send your money fast. Most payments are done within 48Hrs so you can sit back and relax.

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After the assessment of your item. Payment will be made to you after 48hrs via Bank Transfer or PayPal.

100% Data Protection

ConsoleTradeIn is a subsidiary of the ILS group. We specialise in handling redundant electronics and the security of any data contained from small businesses to large scale high security industry leaders. We operate to data protection legislation standards when we disk wipe your item and completely remove all personal information stored on your item.


Our primary goal is 100% customer satisfaction with our services. Should we fall short of your expectations in any way, we will return your item to you free-of-charge via next-day courier.

Payment, Safety and Security

We pride ourselves on offering complete security for the customer. Your prized gaming machine will be collected with a secure box from your location and be fully insured. Accidents do happen but you are covered for the value of your item. Our site is secured with 256 SSL encryption so your personal details are secure.


Reasons to sell your device

 sell PS5
Did you get a PS5 as a gift and you aren’t really using it? Or maybe you bought one but then realised that video games are just not your passion? Well, you can sell your console and get a decent amount of money for it.

Some people might want to try a different gaming platform or gaming experience in general. For example, Nintendo Switch. It’s portable, and you can take it wherever you want. And it is cheaper as well. To compare, Nintendo Switch approximately costs £250, which is £160 cheaper than the retail price of a PS5. 

Think about it. We offer a quick no-hassle trade-in service here at ConsoleTradeIn. Sell your PS5 to us and we will pay you in 48 hours.

Check our FAQ page for more details.

ConsoleTradeIn vs Private Selling

I am guessing you have an PlayStation 5 item that you want cash for as you have visited ConsoleTradeIn.
There are a few elements of our service that are worth considering if you are still thinking of selling PlayStation 5 device on a well-known web auction site.

  • Firstly, speed. We will collect your PS5 the next day that your quote is collected. Your item will be back to us the day after collection, we then test the item and within 48Hrs your cash will be transferred to your Bank or PayPal account, it’s easy.
  • Home collection. Book your next day collection and our fully insured courier will arrive with a protective packing case. Private selling can be a major bind with shipping, packing and the possible nightmare of there being a problem the collection from the person you have sold the PS5 to with nothing more than a damaged item in the box.
  • Fees. Our service is fully free! No charges for collection, should your PlayStation 5 not meet the conditions that the quote has been generated for and you don’t like our assessment then we will return your item free of charge the next day. It’s fair and it’s FREE, no hidden charges.
  • You don’t have to deal with the Public! No complaints, fraud or shipping damage claims, sit back and let ConsoleTradeIn take the stress.

Get your quote today and get your cash quick without hassle. If you will sell your PlayStation 5 to us, it would be the right decision for you, your time and your wallet! We can help you and you can help us. Win-win?!

Factory Reset

Preparing your PS5 for Sale

Before sale you must factory reset your PS5. Follow these steps to prepare your console for sale.

Sell PS5 Midnight Black

1. Deactivate Your Account

  • Go to Settings > Users and Accounts > Other > Console Sharing and Offline Play.
  • Select Disable.

3. Check Your CD Drive Slot

Previous steps will factory reset your PS5, but there is one last thing you should do. Verify your CD drive slot to not lose any games.

2. Factory Reset

  • Go to Settings > System software > Reset options > Reset your console.
  • Click Reset and wait for a few minutes.