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More info about Laptops

Laptops have many different features and components that can be changed and upgraded to improve the performance of the machine. A summary of various components and general information about laptops.
Intel Core Processors The Intel Core brand of CPU processor is a type of microprocessor used in computers and laptops. Intel is the largest provider of microprocessors for Gaming Computers and Laptops. Offering either a Solo Core or a Dual Core, either running at 32x bit. Intel Core Solo microprocessors are simply a single physical processor within the chip whereas an Intel Core Duo microprocessors consist of two cores per physical processor. The combination of two processors and their caches makes Dual Core well-suited for multitasking environments because each core can work independently. Since each core has its own cache, the computer system has sufficient resources to handle most tasks in parallel. The Core 2 processor was introduced as the second generation of Intel Core processor and also introduced Quad Core options as well as the existing Solo and Dual Core, operating at 64x bit. Intel Core later introduced the “i” series of processors: Core i3, i5 and i7 processors. Core i3 processors are solely Dual Core whereas Core i5 and Core i7 can provide either Dual or Quad Core capabilities.
RAM Random Access Memory, RAM, is a hardware component that allows information to be stored and retrieved on a computer. RAM is usually associated with Dynamic RAM or DRAM, which is a type of memory module. Because information is accessed randomly instead of sequentially like it is on a CD or hard drive, the computer can access the data much faster. However, RAM is a volatile memory and requires power to keep the data accessible. If the computer is turned off, all data contained in RAM is lost, which is why it is used in the running of processes rather than storage. One example of such processes is during the boot-up sequence. Parts of the operating system and drivers are loaded into memory, which then allows the CPU to process the instructions faster and speeds up the boot process. Another example is after the operating system has loaded, each program you open, such as a game or web browser, is loaded into memory while it is running.
Hard Disk Drives The hard disk drive, HDD, was created in 1953 by engineers at IBM who wanted to find a way to find a cost effective way to provide random access to high capacities of data. The first disk drives developed were the size of refrigerators and only stored up to 3.75 megabytes. The scale of HDD’s was continually reduced and by the mid-1980s, 3.5-inch and 2.5-inch form factors were introduced, becoming a standard in commercial computers. Most basic hard drives consist of a number of disk platters that are positioned around a spindle inside a sealed chamber. The chamber also includes read-and-write heads and motors.
Solid State Drives The main alternative to hard disk drives in PCs are solid-state drives, SSDs. These were developed in the 1950’s alongside HDDs but have been far less common in commercial computers until recently due to their higher cost. Unlike hard disks, SSDs contain no moving parts. They operate at a much faster rate and are often favoured to store critical data that needs to be accessed quickly and for applications with a high input/output demand. As SSDs are more expensive than HDDs from a price-per-gigabyte standpoint. Many storage options combine HDDs and SSDs to reduce costs while providing better performance.

Why sell Your Laptop to us

We assess your item after it arrives and our goal is to send your money to you after a 48hr period. You can choose to be paid using PayPal or you can be paid via a bank transfer.

Fast Payment

After the assessment of your item. Payment will be made to you after 48hrs via Bank Transfer or PayPal.

Payment Safety and Security

At ConsoleTradeIn we have stringent security protocols that are enforced throughout the entire process: from the initial booking to the payment to you for your items. You can have absolute confidence in our secure services.

100% Data Protection

ConsoleTradeIn is a subsidiary of the ILS group. We specialize in handling redundant electronics and the security of any data contained from small businesses to large scale high security industry leaders. We operate to data protection legislation standards when we disk wipe your item and completely remove all personal information stored on your item.

Trusted Reseller

Our primary goal is 100% customer satisfaction with our services. Should we fall short of your expectations in any way, we will return your item to you free-of-charge via next-day courier.

Our Promise

We strive to give our customers the best and the quickest service on the internet. With a quick easy quote system , collection from your doorstep and instant bank transfers we remove the hassle of trading in for cash. Worried that there could be a disagreement about your quote? Don’t if your not entirely satisfied we will return your item next day free of charge. We want you to be 100% happy that’s our business.

Preparing your Laptop for sale

1. Sign out of accounts

Remember to sign out of your consoles PlayStation Network accounts, Instructions are available online if you are unsure how to do this.

2. Remove your personal data

Remember to reset your operating system to the factory settings. If you don't then don't worry we are a ISO certified business and your data is safe

3. Check cd drive

Lastly don’t lose a game be sure to check your drive before sending to us.

Frequently Asked Questions for Laptops

Q: When can I expect to receive payment for my Laptop?

A: Our goal is to make payment after 48hrs either via PayPal or a Bank Transfer

Q: I am not sure of the Grade of my Laptop

A: If you are unsure how to grade your item, click the 'i' button during the Get A Quote process. This will explain what we look for towards grading an item. We also assess all items after they arrive and will contact you if their is any dispute. If you are not 100% satisfied with our assessment we will return your item via next-day courier FREE of charge.

Q: Is my personal information safe when I sell my console to you?

A: We are certified as a National ISO Electronics Recycler. You can have total confidence in our safe, secure and professional handling of any personal information. 

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