Condition Grading Info for Your Devices

Note: Please be as accurate as possible with your grading to save disappointment.


Grading & Security Info


Gaming Devices Grading List

Grade A

Grade A: Item is considered to be in perfect ‘like-new’ condition. It will have no visible scratches or dents to the body or screen. All Grade A items must be fully functional and fault free, supplied with a fully functioning battery when applicable.

Grade B

Grade B: Item will be in excellent to good condition with minimal scratches or cosmetic blemishes. The item must be fully functional and fault free.

Grade C

Grade C: Item will be in good condition and clean. It should be fully functional and fault free. Small dents and scratches are allowed but the screen must not be scatched and any battery supplied must be working.

Grade D

Grade D: Item has signs of wear including dents and larger scratches. A Grade D item can be of poor cosmetic condition and dirty but must be fully functioning. Minor screen marks are acceptable as are the inclusion of a poor battery.

Grade E

Grade E: Item is the lowest grade that we will accept. The item is faulty but complete. A Grade E item can be damaged but this does not include damage to the motherboard or water damage. Cracks and other damage to the screen is acceptable as long as the screen is still in its casing. Faulty batteries are accepted.

Other Circumstances that will affect your Quote.

  • All Items must be supplied with a fully functional UK power supply that is undamaged.
  • Your item must be UK spec or compatible with UK systems and UK keyboards
  • Gaming Laptops and desktops must be in the original configuration specification wise as the item has been sold by the manufacturer, or the item will have a price offer adjustment depending on whether the item is higher or lower than the retail version.
  • Item must be supplied as sold with controllers and power supplies included in original pack. We will deduct the cost for missing items
  • Your item must be free of cigarette smoke stains.
  • If, in our opinion, your item doesn’t match the grading attributed to it during the initial quote stage, you will be contacted by one of our team who will offer you an adjusted price based on our market value. If you are not satisfied with the adjusted price we will return your items to you free of charge via next-day courier.
  • We reserve the right to refuse the purchase of any item.

Data Security

We take data security very seriously and work with data protection and redundant electronics from small businesses, individual clients and large scale electronics industry companies.

Maintaining the security of your data is your responsibility, however, we will securely erase any information left on the device. Therefore, it is vital that you have created a backup of any information you want to keep and don’t want deleted.

This means your data can no longer be recovered by you, us or by the next owner.  We use government accredited erasure tools to guarantee your residual data cannot be recovered and is wiped to legislation standards.

If you need help ensuring the protection or erasure of your data and personal information please contact us and we will do our very best to help you.

Please remember you must:

  • Back Up your data – you cannot get it back after.
  • Sign out of iTunes
  • Sign out and remove from device from iCloud
  • Sign out of iMessage (OS X Mountain Lion or later)
  • Sign out of Xbox Live/PSN on the console
  • Sign out of Netflix and other third-party applications on the device/console
  • Check drives, if applicable, to ensure discs are not left in the device.